About Us

Know SolarAffairs, Save the Environment

SolarAffairs is born out of the desire and passion to restore life back into homes in Nigeria and to revive the fainting economy which resulted from unstable supply of electricity. The goal is to be more than just another successful company.Our utmost passion is to help you open your life to the world of opportunities before you. Being part of SolarAffairs family, our amazing Solar Grant, Cooperative and compensation plan will change your course of life towards time and financial freedom.


Renewable Source

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Maintenance

Start Huge Savings from your Electricity Bill.

Easy Installation

Our professional Techniques makes Installation as easy as ABC .


Our vision is to be at the foremost front of the campaign to save the planet earth from the pollution caused by fossil energy over the years. To educate every individual on the need to upgrade to green energy and deliver to all households, business owners and all sectors high quality solar energy system at a low cost.

Reviving the fainting economy by making solar energy available to all sectors.

To be a leading lifestyle company with global appeal which focuses on putting style back into lives of individuals by helping them achieve their lives dreams/goals in the shortest possible time, by leveraging on our solar energy result- oriented programme.


Using our unparalleled method for people to adopt solar energy, this will put power back in the hands of people. With our GO GREEN MOVEMENT the nation as a whole will get clean and renewable energy at a low cost. Our movement will equally create self employment and also give room for Time and Financial Freedom.

Leadership and Value

When we promise, we fulfill it. We believe how we work is just as important as what we do and we stay strictly to a set of values that guide our steps. This has set us apart and made us who we are. Total commitment to the success of all our stakeholders and communities is our watchword. Unquestionable trust and Integrity is our drive. Innovation in technology is our strength.

SolarAffairs 4 core pillars

To SolarAffairs; persistence is the ability not to give up even when others are, until success is achieved despite all odds.

To SolarAffairs; we teach our corporate team to achieve success with passion through fun. Fun is important in life as it makes it more meaningful. This is what makes us different!

Our Core Beliefs

As a leader in network marketing industry and other walks of life, we possess common traits that is found among leaders. They all have conviction, passion and determination that their course is worth fighting for, no matter what it may cost them personally. Maintaining these leadership attributes firmly, we will change the course of nations..