Solar Advocate

SolarAffairs Advocate compensation plan utilizes 3×9 universal straight line forced matrix commission earning platform. The unique idea enables you to benefit from every member that joins your team globally. This also promotes team work.
Every registered member is expected to expose the opportunity to a minimum of 3 people that will join his team and replicate him. One member may introduce more than 3 persons; others will spill under the three legs. Introducing more than three people speed up your leadership success and that of your team members, as SolarAffairs is interested in team spirit and team work.
This compensation plan will enable you to earn a lump sum from your team members’ startup capital share.
The amazing thing is that becoming a part of SolarAffairs, you only pay a one-time life-time down payment from any of our chosen plan in our solar advocate which is as follows; 10 dollars or N5,000 (Starter plan), 20 dollars or N10,000 (Super starter plan), 75 dollars or N15,000 (Basic plan) and 150 dollar or N30,000 (Sunshine plan). Our internal conversion rate is N200 to a dollar (not subjected to FOREX). This is regarded as a share lot of being part of SolarAffairs.
The system quickly recognize the effect of your sponsor and other teammates and then give out 10% to 3.6% of your Startup Share Lot Capital to 9 uplines of yours respectively in regards of their generation to you.
Anytime any of your teammates from your success line introduces another member, you and eight members directly above him on that leg are eligible to 10% to 3.6% of his Startup Share Lot Capital in regards of you and their generation to him.
Note: You can introduce as many people as possible as SolarAffairs promotes team spirit
  • Amazing things about this compensation plan:
  • No matching of legs.
  • No monthly autoship, rental fee or maintenance.
  • No break away.
  • No upgrade.
  • No balancing of legs
  • You earn from your generation one to generation nine.


Group Volume Point:

This is one of the important aspects in SolarAffairs, as your team increases in number, two things happens (i) you get 10% to 3.6% share from startup capital on every member that joins your team depending on their generation to you. (ii) you accumulate points from team building. Which is called GROUP VOLUME POINT. This is used to attain leadership position of various levels in SolarAffairs.

Qualitative Volume Points:

SolarAffairs believes in appreciating members that have successfully built a passionate team. The best way is to shower them with incentives at every stage they attain. QVP is the tool used to measure this success.


You and your team members can decide to upgrade from your present plan to a higher plan purposely to benefit more, what you need do is to pay to the company the difference in the plan migrating to and your present plan and you are good to climb.


When you join SolarAffairs, be rest assured that you are on a right path of achieving your dream(s) in life. All you need is a spirit to achieve SUCCESS. As you create a followers of satisfied and loyal TEAMMATES, you will enjoy a handsome share of their startup capital. Not only that, you have great opportunity to meet, create and build a lasting relationship with people of like minds that are motivated to succeed. These people form the bedrock of your SolarAffairs TEAM and quickly you create substantial, ongoing earnings.

Being part of SolarAffairs is more than participating, because every member uses our products, to teach and help empower other individuals throughout the world to become something bigger than they ever imagined. In so doing, your dreams and that of thousands worldwide will not remain mere dreams but reality by positioning yourself for greatness.

In SolarAffairs we believe every human has the ability to live a good live, we help put the style back into your lifestyle with a debt free extraordinary life of freedom.
The question is, are you forward thinker? You have every opportunity today to be a part of a global giant. The choice is yours